Setting the Bar

It starts with the welcoming personalities & exceptional service of our bartenders at your celebration. ECS genuinely enjoys the uniqueness of all our clients & their guests and it shows from the time you click the button below and find an array of options to choose from, to the last guest served at your event. 

Our Bartenders Are Servers:

  • Dedicated to Your Service
  • Industry Knowledgeable
  • Required to possess certification and minimum of three years industry experience
  • Have engaging personalities
  • Exhibit the highest level of customer service at all times

Service Options: 

  • You Provide the Alcohol, We Provide the Bartenders
  • Kombucha (Probiotic Tea)
  • Bottle Service
  • Host Bars
  • Open Bars
  • Cash Bars
  • Consumption Based Bars
  • Create Your Own Signature Drink!
  • Special Stations
  • Seasonal Entrance Drink Stations
  • Non Alcoholic Bar

Just A Few Reasons to Choose Us

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Kombucha
  • Higher standard of Service
  • Upgrade & Add-On Options
  • Customizable & Flexible
  • Include all the extras
  • Maximum efficiency with the greatest care
  • Bartenders arrive early & clean up
  • No Minimum hour requirements


A Healthier Beverage to Add to the Party

Kombucha is a Live Probiotic Tea. Drink regularly, it can build a healthy gut. Made with organic cultures of bacteria and yeast, called a SCOBY, a blend of organic Oolong, China Black, Gunpowder Green and White Peony Teas & organic Cane Sugar. 

Add Kombucha to the Bar!

Your guests will thank you for thinking of their health too.



Made with Fresh Organic Ginger & Organic Apple Juice


Made with 100% Juice smoothie blend.


Made with 100% juice smoothie blend.

Organic Strawberry

Made with local Fresh picked Strawberries

Kombucha on Tap

Kombucha on Tap