Q1) Do you provide tastings for food and cakes?

A1) Yes. Tastings are $95 for the happy couple & $25 each additional guest. Complimentary tastings are offered after the security deposit has been made. Tastings are offered by appointment Monday to Friday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, based on availability. Tastings should be held 6-8 weeks before the event, based on the seasonal availability of selected menus and your wedding date. Tasting selections can include two starters (i.e., appetizer, soup or salad), and two entrées, and for cakes, any four flavors. Tastings are limited to four people (including the Wedding Coordinator).

Q2) What do I need to provide for my guests?

A2) It depends on the services you choose. We have all inclusive packages that include appetizers, main course, dessert & beverage, alcohol packages that include cups, ice, garnishes, juices, soda, mixers, water, bar, water stations, and specialty bars like our NEW Kombucha Bar or Kombucha on tap. Rental Equipment and many more services to make your event the most remembered. You can choose to provide items or we can take care of everything. Just call or email and ask us.

Q3) Can I provide my own food or alcohol? If so how much do I need if I decide to provide it?

A3) Yes you can. We will also provide the service for the food you want to serve and take care of your guests. We offer complimentary consultation to help you estimate exactly how much food and/or alcohol you will need for your guests count. Or let us take care of everything so you don't have to stress.

Q4) How many servers or bartenders do I need?

A4) The industry standard is minimum 1 bartender for every 75 guests. However, we have cultivated a higher standard to ensure the highest quality in the exceptional service we provide your guests. This standard requires us to provide you with 1 Bartender for every 40 to 50 guests. You may also request the industry minimum.

A4b) Servers are provided depending on the catering package you choose. However, all of our buffet packages come equipped with buffet attendants to keep your buffet fresh.

Q5) What does Essential Catering Solutions provide for delivery?

A5) Your food delivery includes warming or cooling pans, racks, heating fuel, condiments & serving utensils. Depending on the type of delivery or specific requests, we will provide you service ware for eating. Contact us for more information.

Q6) What will the servers or bartenders wear?

A6) Our Servers, Buffet Attendants & Bartenders are dressed in a standard black or white collared tops & black dress slacks with black or white beanie caps to cover the head. However, based upon the formality of your event, our servers and bartenders will be dressed according to specifications. This can be discussed during our consultations.

Q7) Do you require a deposit?

A7) Yes. To secure our services for your event, we require 30%. We require $850 minimum service fee for bar services & “provide your own” bar options. Includes 2 bar tenders.

Q8) Do you have time blocks or hourly minimums?

A8) All of our packages include a standard 4 hours for service (charges apply to four (4) hour increments). We are flexible and can completely customize our service time to meet your needs, down to the last detail.

Q9) What about gratuity? How do I tip the servers or bartenders of stations or butler passed service?

A9) You are welcomed to express your gratuity by allowing our bartenders to utilize a tip jar in the bar area - OR - you may provide a cash gratuity directly to our servers and bartenders at the end of the event. 

Q10) Bar Service: What will the bartenders bring?

A10) All basic bar supplies and tools including (shakers, ice scooper, bottle/wine opener, speed pours, drink stirrers, napkins, fruit garnishment, cutting board, paring knife, margarita salt, bar mats, napkin caddies, coolers, etc.)

Q11) Which forms of payments are accepted?

A11) We accept payment in the form of Debit, Credit, Cash, Check or Money Order. Acceptable forms of payment for Cash Bars are; Debit, Credit or Cash Only

Q12) Female or Male Staff?

A12) We will take requests, but can guarantee a preference only with advanced booking.

Q13.) Are you insured and licensed?

A.13) Yes. We are licensed & insured. All of our bartenders are certified and covered under liquor liability insurance.

Q.14.) Why should I hire professionals from your network or your bartenders?

A14.) There are many reasons why you should hire our network of professionals and bartender(s) for your event. Number one reason: It can save you money. We have worked closely and diligently with photographers, videographers, decorators, florists and so many others to create a "One-stop-Shop" experience with the best quality without paying the middle-man. With over 70 combined years of experience, our team of event experts have honed their crafts to be able to provide you the best possible experience you could have imagined receiving. Our bartenders can serve as life to your party or solace in times of sadness. You definitely want someone with experience, that can make create a most memorable event with elegant, classy presentation, wonderful drinks, and ensure you and your guests have a good time or are comforted. It will also relieve your stress. We make sure that everything is taken care of so you can have time for more important things. So hire us. You will be glad you did.

Q15.) Do you have any customer testimonials?

A15.) Yes, please see our Reviews Page to see what others think of us!

Q16.) Can I leave a review and where?

A16.) Yes you Can! We welcome your feedback and word of mouth. Write us a review here on our website.

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