Second to None Sides

Stick to Your Ribs Starches

*Magnificent Mac & Cheese

Sausage Stuffing

*Seared Garlic Creole Potatoes

Cheese Grits

Garlic Butter Smashed Potatoes

Yum Yum Candied Yams

*Roasted Peppers & Potatoes

Butter-roasted Corn & Peppers

Brown Sugar Baked Beans

Beans, Peas & Rice

*Black Eyed Peas

Red Beans

Black Beans

Field Peas

*Butter Beans

*Dirty Rice

*Wild Rice


*Craisy Bacon Brussell Sprouts

Roasted Asparagus

*Roasted Corn on the Cobb

Fresh Pole Beans w/ Almonds

*Southern Green Beans w/ Bacon

Green Bean Casserole

Sweet Baby Carrots

*Collard Greens